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Stranger Saves Two Children’s Lives

Collins Lake, Spring 2004

Collins Lake, Spring 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the weekend, a woman was vital in the rescue of two children at Collins Lake, California. More interesting is that she had no affiliation with them prior to the incidences.

Lori Carpenter is from Yuba City, California. She and her husband were at the lake this weekend, enjoying the break. He was in the water and rushed to his wife after he had seen a child in danger.

David Cole remembers the event and recalls how he ran out of the water and yelled, “Lori, Lori, Lori go help that girl!” There was a crowd around a young child who had evidently struggled in the water. Carpenter pushed though and then administered CPR to the three year old girl.

Once she was revived, the family crowded around the toddler and Carpenter edged away from the scene. No one involved had learned her name or had even be able to properly thank her as she escaped so quickly.

As if that was not enough, Carpenter rushed to assist once more with another kid. 45 minutes she saved the three year old, she was attempting to save a thirteen year old girl. According to Carpenter, the teenager was unresponsive for several minutes and had a weak pulse.

She was yelling the girl’s name and splashing water on her face for bit and then she had finally come around. Once again, Carpenter left the scene as the child was embraced by her friends and family.

Carpenter’s identity was revealed by her proud parents. She explains how she is just “a regular person who knew what to do at the right moment.” Indeed she did; she had just completed her CPR class three days before the accidents.

Friends, family, and those who were present for her saving lives all call her a hero and an angel.

The two children were quite fortunate to have a woman like Lori Carpenter around after their accidents. Not all situations turn out this way, though. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, contact a Los Angeles Injury Attorney today to receive assistance with identifying negligence, filing claims; and to receive the highest possible compensation for the damages that you have suffered, including punitive damages in the event of a fatality.

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