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Arrest Made for Fatal Stabbing in Hollywood

English: A band plays on the Hollywood Walk of...

English: A band plays on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (6801 Hollywood Blvd), 21 April 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Tuesday evening, a 23 year old woman was fatally stabbed by three people. Police initially did not know who was responsible, but on Wednesday they arrested the culprits.

Three panhandlers are being held accountable at this point. They are currently detained and face criminal charges for the slaying of Christine Darlene Calderon.

Calderon was in Hollywood with a friend and while she took photos of the stars on the “Walk of Fame,” she was assaulted by the three. According to the police report, Calderon was harassed by the three because she was taking photos in their area without paying money.

She was then stabbed in the torso. Police found her bleeding on the street from multiple stab wounds at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue around 8:30 p.m. This is a commonly used area for homeless beggars or street performers as the tourist traffic is heavy.

Calderon was taken to a nearby hospital; however, her injuries were too severe and she died there.

Her death is an unfortunate reminder of how dangerous it can be on the streets, even if they are surrounded by other people.

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