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Bankers looses lawsuit against Los Angeles police officers

Bankers looses lawsuit against Los Angeles police officers

Source: ABC 7 Los Angeles

Brian Mulligan lost a lawsuit against two Los Angeles Police Department officers after a jury cleared them Friday of any wrongdoing in an arrest.

Mulligan, a former bank executive, alleged that he was a victim of excessive police force, testifying that LAPD officers John Miller and James Nichols beat him in 2012.

The defense showed evidence that Mulligan was in a drug-induced psychotic state. Apparently, he snorted “bath salts,” an amphetamine-like drug, prior to the arrest. Two days before his encounter with LAPD officers Miller and Nichols, Mulligan was recorded telling a Glendale police officer he had snorted the drug.

Mulligan testified that after his encounter with the Glendale officer, he went to Eagle Rock to get medical marijuana. Numerous witnesses testified that on the night of his LAPD encounter in May 2012, he was alone and yelling; trying to open car doors and saying someone was following him.

When the two officers responded, Mulligan passed a field sobriety test. The officers testified that Mulligan wanted to go to a motel and sleep it off, but an hour later, he was found in the middle of traffic trying to carjack a moving vehicle.

The prosecution claimed Mulligan didn’t deserve to be beaten regardless of his mental state at the time. Doctors had differing opinions on whether a baton caused Mulligan’s injuries. It was not known if the injuries were sustained when he resisted arrest and slammed his own face on the pavement. The defense noted Nichols did not have his baton at the time of Mulligan’s arrest.

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Source: ABC 7 Los Angeles

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