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San Bernardino County Can Lose $60 Million

Under a new revised budget proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown California can expect to eliminate welfare and food stamp programs and hundreds of jobs. Many people are under the constant misconception that losing welfare only affects the people receiving it in the lower income brackets. When in reality, welfare employs thousands of professional nationwide to provide and aid in the admiration of the services. The budget will cut administrative and welfare funding costing San Bernardino (SB) jobs. The county’s Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) estimates Brown’s proposal will result in a loss of about $60 million.

English: Jerry Brown's official picture as Att...

English: Jerry Brown's official picture as Attorney General and as Governor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a memo from the county Department of Legislative Affairs, Brown’s revision of the 2012-13 state budgets will face a countywide $126 million reduction. That is a great amount that will not be allocated towards must needed SB services. About 275 jobs across the county will be in jeopardy and so will morale. Moral will only further dissipate into the abyss because administrative services will not see the $1.7 million they expected. The net county share program will be $10 million short this year too.

San bernardino County

San bernardino County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SB’s TAD has estimated that the administrative funding for the food stamps program will have to prepare itself for a reduction of about 75 positions. It will have to face a six million dollar reduction. If any of these workers were to be in car accident, they would be in a tough position. Losing a job means losing benefits which often include health care. Not having work means not having money to pay for the bills. You would have to consider hiring a San Bernardino car accident lawyer that can help you win that settlement you need to get back on your feet.

The program facing a greater reduction is a cut in $54 million in program and administrative funding for the welfare division. This cut can cause at least 5,000 families to lose access to welfare and nearly 30,000 families will have to face meager benefits far from acceptable per the expectations of the budget revision reductions.

Brown’s revision demonstrates a $15.7 billion dollar deficit almost twice of the projected $9.2 billion deficit. This windfall will surely affect most programs across California. This means that across California people will have to face a either a job loss or a reduction in benefits or public services. Brown blames rising costs, unreal expectations and decisions taken by federal courts to block cuts of certain programs. This faux pa will not be too pretty when a victim of a car accident cannot cover the costs on their own. Contact a car accident lawyer to see what they can do for you.


California’s Autonomous Future

In an effort to reduce the number of yearly highway fatalities in California, its Senate has passed a bill that will permit the use of self-driving cars on its roads. Heavy commuters and drivers who often find themselves distracted behind the wheel can breathe a little bit easier and get back to whatever they were doing while the vehicle does all the driving. It will be like having a personal chauffer who can always be up-to-date with simple software updates. With the passing of this bill roads filled with autonomous vehicles can not only make driving more safe, but more enjoyable as well.

English: Google driverless car operating on a ...

English: Google driverless car operating on a testing path (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea of having a driverless car has been around since the creation of the car. With the use of technology and advanced resources many organizations have made incredible strides to achieve this idea over the past few years. Experts in this field have prognosticated that in time, these true “smart” cars can navigate roads safer than humans who tend to get sleepy and distracted. As a true pioneer in this industry, Google has suited various Prius models with an array of radar, video cameras and lasers to navigate the roads safely, even through traffic.

Organizations such as Google have made an effort to convince politicians and lawmakers about the safety of these vehicles giving them a chance to ride inside them. Nevada issued the first license to an autonomous vehicle. Google was on the receiving end allowing the company to freely experiment in the state. These autonomous vehicles have been issued a red license plate with an infinity symbol – marking the car of the future. The red license plate will be used on test vehicles only and will be easily recognizable by the public and law enforcement. Other companies have applied to obtain the red plates and test their own autonomous vehicles. Once the vehicles are sold publicly, the license plate will contain the infinity symbol on a green plate.

The lemniscate, ∞, in several typefaces.

The lemniscate, ∞, in several typefaces. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Google driverless car operating on a ...

English: Google driverless car operating on a testing path (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Road inattention is what often leads to car accidents and people getting hurt or hospitalized. This can be tough situation for the families of the injured persons and can cause certain grief. A car accident lawyer can help a client navigate the tough legal and financial scenarios that arise from a crash. To reduce human error, autonomous test vehicles will be sold only as safety precaution. Those produced by Google are modified standard Prius vehicles with intricate electronics. The driver can gain control of the car at any moment by simply tapping the brakes or regaining control of the wheel.

SB1298 by State Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) would establish guidelines that can land the futuristic vehicles in California. The bill will provide the first step of allowing vehicles to be tested and operated in California. Next month the bill will be considered by the Assembly. Taking into account that the bill passed without objection, things are looking well. When a few lawmakers test drove Google’s prototype they were convinced that this was the right direction for the state in preventing accidents even in San Bernardino. Testing the vehicle means that there could be accidents. Consider calling a San Bernardino car accident lawyer if you are hit by one of these autonomous vehicles.


San Diego Region Gets New Armored Vehicles

There are two new armored vehicles in the San Diego region for the Escondido and Oceanside police departments. This purchase, an investment in the nation’s security, was made possible by a generous grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The vehicles will replace some older model SWAT vehicles improving the security of the people inside. They are safer and have already been put to use in both cities.

Police Lenco Bearcat CBRNE Armored Rescue Vehi...

Police Lenco Bearcat CBRNE Armored Rescue Vehicle. Lietuvių: Šarvuotasis SWAT automobilis. Русский: Бронеавтомобиль SWAT. Бронированный автомобиль SWAT. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Diego County bought purchased both Lenco BearCat vehicles at a price of about $250,000 each. The characteristics of the vehicles closely resemble those used by the military. Each vehicle is capable of stopping small bombs, enduring mortar blasts and is impermeable to heavy riffle fire. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the federal government used similar vehicles to provide protection for personnel near military bases.

On April 17 both vehicles arrived from Massachusetts and were manufactured by Lenco Armored Vehicles. Official at Escondido and Oceanside have put the vehicles to use already, not even a two months since receiving them for high-risk situations. Escondido has used it four times and Oceanside has used it once.

Authorities are calling the vehicles a significant upgrade from the older SWAT models – calling the previous ones “hand me downs”. Almost every feature of these vehicles built on a Ford F-550 truck chassis is better from the practicality to the features.
The vehicle measures about 20 feet in length and weighs a little over nine tons, incredibly having the nimble capacity to make a U-turn using less space than a standard sedan and have a top speed of 85 mph. Since the vehicle is built on a truck chassis, there is no special training needed beyond having a regular driver’s license to operate the vehicle. It can be used as a heavy patrol car and hold up to ten people comfortably.

To address the populations concern over the vehicle having too much of a militaristic aesthetic it was not equipped with offensive capabilities such as guns or pepper-spray cannons. After taking a drive down public roads, most people on the road do not pay much attention to it which is good, because someone giving the vehicle too much attention can possibly get into a car accident.
In that case those people will have to deal with hospital bills, people who may have been injured, undergo the uncomfortable feeling of not having a vehicle and somehow getting compensation for what they need. They will need a San Diego car accident lawyer who has the experience necessary to win their case.

Police officials are saying that the vehicle is more a defensive tool offering security to those who need protection from threats. Similarly an experienced car accident lawyer can offer a victim of a car accident protection from the low compensation insurance companies want to offer.

With a vehicle this safe, San Diego police can concentrate on making better decisions when it comes to facing threats and ensuring the safety of those around them.

English: Leco Bearcat tactical vehicle used by...

English: Leco Bearcat tactical vehicle used by the Lee County Sheriff's Office (Florida) SWAT team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Alleged Los Angeles Drunk Driver Kills 3

Nationwide Memorial Day commemorates United States soldiers who give up their lives to protect and serve the country. Tradition has it that groups of volunteers meet at grave yards and adorn the grave sites of fallen soldiers with small U.S. flags and flowers. Recognized as a national holiday, most citizens are offered to take the day off and observe it giving them the opportunity to spend it together. It is no surprise that families and friends gather at public places for picnics, attend city sponsored events or use the three day weekend to visit each other. The sight of families packed in cars on congested roads is not an aberration, nor is the fact that while Memorial Day weekend brings families together, a drunk driver can break them apart.

English: SAN DIEGO (Aug. 16, 2011) Contractors...

English: SAN DIEGO (Aug. 16, 2011) Contractors use a crane to deliver a 1999 Ford Explorer involved in a driving under the influence incident (DUI) to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) as part of the safety department's anti-DUI campaign. Carl Vinson recently completed a deployment to the U.S. 5th and U.S. 7th Fleet areas of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Lori D. Bent/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday morning an alleged drunk driver broke someone’s family apart.

Drivers found roads closed along Mona Boulevard on 118, 119 and 120 Streets Sunday morning at about 7:00 a.m. until about 2:30 p.m. from a Cadillac SLS and Chevrolet Tahoe fatal rollover accident. Two body bags were transported to the coroner’s office, a woman was airlifted into a helicopter and a man was held in custody.

Earlier witnesses allegedly spotted a Cadillac SLS speeding southbound on Mona Boulevard; it was driven by a 32-year-old-man per California Highway Patrol. Upon approaching 119 Street it slammed into a Chevrolet Tahoe that was making a left turn northbound onto Mona. Pushing the SUV over onto its side, the SUV began to roll. The only person that remained inside after it rolled was a 3-year-old who was killed on impact.

The lifeless body of a dead eight-year-old girl and a 24-year-old woman in critical condition lay in the path of the SUV that trailed blood and car parts as well. The driver of the SLS was nowhere near the accident he had jettisoned from the scene.
A helicopter came to transport the woman to Lynwood’s St. Francis Medical Center. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. The family of the victims is in emotional distress. They did not have someone whom to share Memorial Day weekend with.

Grave markers of , Captain of the at the time ...

Grave markers of , Captain of the at the time of his death, who died from injuries at the , December 7, 1941. Captain Bennion was posthumously awarded the . He is buried at the , , , USA. Photo was take Memorial Day weekend, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police were able to catch the fleeing driver of the fleeing SLS. He was taken back to scene of the crash and transported to Harbor UCLA Medical Center in custody. He suffered major injuries in the crash. Awaiting his recovery, the driver faces multiple charges against the law for suspicion of hit-and-run, DUI, and possibly manslaughter.

The family of the two girls will have to contact a car accident lawyer in their area. Being under distress, they will have to deal with the financial aspect of the accident as well. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help them earn the compensation they deserve.


Life Jacket Trade-in Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is coming and its bringing summer vacation around the corner. The season of watersports and boating activities will arrive sooner than you think… and so will the injuries. In an effort to increase the safety of water sports, various groups are gathering their resources to sponsor a special California event. Hosted inside various Sacramento Kohl’s stores, the 13th annual life jacket trade-in event will be happening soon. This event will give people the opportunity to have a life jacket specialist inspect their current jackets and ensure that they are adequate enough to serve as a human flotation device.

Life Jacket (PSF)

Life Jacket (PSF) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California ranks second in the nation for boat related deaths; which could have had a higher chance of being prevented had the victims worn a proper safety floatation device. Life jackets are not discretional; a jacket too big or too small has the potential to do more harm than good. Similar to being on land, if a person is not wearing a seatbelt, and they were to get into an accident and get injured, they would have to call a car accident lawyer to help them earn some compensation. The duty of the U.S Coast Guard is to understand and know how to deal with water hazards. They compose strict regulations and guidelines aimed to increase the safety of a person in the water.

Sponsoring the event which will happen May 25, 2012 at Kohl’s stores throughout Sacramento will be: California Department of Boating and Waterways, Radio Disney and UC Davis Children’s Hospital. After having the life-jackets inspected by professionals, people will have the opportunity to trade-in their jacket for one that fits. All the jackets that will be traded will be new U.S. Coast Guard-approved jackets up until the jackets run out. There is no reason to get into a car accident along the way, but if that were to happen to you or someone you know contact a Sacramento car accident lawyer.

Sacramento County and Emergency and Medical Services Agency have sponsored a program that annually provides over 2,000 new life vests at river access stations along the American River. Access points along the American River have traditionally lends life vests to children who do not have any. City budget cuts forced the program to cease this year. To continue with the tradition which began in 2003, American River Parkway Foundation will allocate $10,000 towards the purchase of new life vests for this summer benefiting the “Kids Don’t Float” program.

Boating deaths and accidents in California per a Department of Boating and Waterways report release last year was: 512 boating accidents, 313 injuries and 54 fatalities. From those victims, three out of four were not wearing life jackets. Sometimes people are for unseen reasons knocked out and fall into the water. In times like those swimming proves useless to people who know how to swim.
Section of California law allegedly require that children under the ages of thirteen and everyone onboard of a personal watercraft or being towed behind a vessel must wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. All vessels must have enough jackets for everyone on board.


91-Year-Old Woman Kills 101-Year-Old Otto Jensen

The photography studio that sits in front of the senior center in Burbank is now sans its founder 101-year-old Otto Jensen. A former boxer and a man who shared the joy to live with all those around him died Tuesday night. Jensen was crossing the street from his studio in the direction of a senior center which he enjoyed visiting when a car hit him.

Minoan youths boxing, reconstruction of a Knos...

Minoan youths boxing, reconstruction of a Knossos fresco (1500 BC). Earliest evidence for use of gloves. dubious (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crossing Olive Avenue’s four lanes towards the senior center a car driven by a 91-year-old woman allegedly sped in the direction of Jensen. The woman is a retired school teacher and library board trustee. People who know her describe her as lovely and intelligent. She was unaware of Jensen who witnesses describe was jogging towards the sidewalk and struck him. The impact jerked the 101-year-old into the air and landed with a loud thud on the hard concrete.

Pools of blood began to form around the fallen man and began to stream down the road. A nearby resident heard the loud noise of the impact and rushed outside the find the man on going in and out of consciousness on the floor. Unhurt, the 91-year-old woman was in a state of shock inside her car. She then told the resident what had happened. To console the fallen victim, the resident reassured him that help was on the way.

When police arrived, they discovered that Jensen has been crossing the street legally which gives him the right to compensation. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help present the case of the accident with the facts of what had happened to help Jensen’s family for what was unjustly done to him. Meanwhile detectives are scratching their heads to understand what lead to the accident.
Dedicated to his community, Jensen was an active volunteer and had been the grand marshal of Burbank’s 2011 centennial parade.

Originally from Demark, he lived in a home behind his studio which was adorned with black and white photographs of children near the entrance. He had an 87-year-old girlfriend and was known to smoke about two cigarettes per day. His modus operandi in life followed a simple motto “live and love,” something, which can only be accomplished with the help of a few women he said. He is survived by a granddaughter.

Burbank City Hall, Front, Olive and 3rd street...

Burbank City Hall, Front, Olive and 3rd street in Burbank, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Per various resources Jensen moved to Burbank in 1939 from New York where he had emigrated and had been a boxer. His family, now in distress should consider calling a car accident lawyer to help determine a settlement that can help to pay for burial services of the victim. A tree near the crash site had various notes and pictures of Jensen, including a poster of a 19-year-old, a younger self nicknamed “Bonecrusher.”


High Speed Big Rig Crash on San Jose I-680

Onlookers from a freeway bridge gathered to watch as tow trucks pulled a jack knifed big rig off of a sedan Thursday Morning. A big rig fell on top of sedan crushing the whole passenger half. Unfortunately, the rollover accident took a life on San Jose’s interstate-680. It crushed a female that was in the front passenger seat and it barely missed crushing the driver. Investigations suggest that the person driving the big rig might have been trying to enter the freeway at excess speeds causing it to roll over. It was transporting produce.

Echium plantagineum (salvation Jane or Patters...

Echium plantagineum (salvation Jane or Patterson's curse) flowers in spring. Just off the freeway at Crafers, adelaide, South Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paramedics responded to the scene at about ten in the morning soon after it was reported. The driver with a semi full of broccoli allegedly sped onto the highway ramp to enter 680-I northbound from the eastbound McKee Road per Officer DJ Sarabia. The driver lost traction of the big rig entering the freeway at high speeds driving on the cloverleaf onramp. The trailer began to tip over as it was entering the freeway next to a passing gray Toyota Camry that was occupied by two women.

The dark shadow of the trailer toppling over the vehicle was inescapable and was met when it did fall on the car. The Camry had no further space to move, it was already cornered at the edge of the road near the curb. When the Camry driver realized there might not be an escape, she drove onto the concrete and asphalt divider island. With the passenger wheel on the curb gutter and the driver wheel on top of the curb the vehicle was half on, half off the road. The trailer fell from the driver’s side of the rear taillight running diagonally to the front headlight crushing the top of the vehicle in a guillotine-type manner.

Crushed under the trailer, the passenger was killed instantaneously and declared dead on the scene, she was estimated to have been in her forties. The driver, a twenty-something who might have been the deceased victim’s daughter received only minor injuries. She was transported to Valley Medical Center and is expected to recover. She can also have the chance to win compensation if she calls a San Jose injury lawyer.

At about thirty-years-old, the driver of the semi was taken to Regional Medical Center in San Jose. He received critical injuries in the crash when his semi overturned. Investigations indicate that at the speeds the semi was traveling in were unsafe and caused the trailer which was full of broccoli to tip over – none of which fell out.

Brocolli, Unknown Cultivar

Brocolli, Unknown Cultivar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The deceased victim will not be extricated from the vehicle until it is delivered to the coroner’s facilities away from the public. The trailer was turned right side up with the help of tow trucks and heavy duty chains. Investigation is ongoing. Those people who were in an accident are encouraged to contact a car accident lawyer.


Wrong Way Driving Car Crash

Drivers slowed down in both directions of Sylmar’s 210 Freeway diverting their attention to a fire and an amorphous cloud of dark smoke that grew in the skies. Those who were close enough to the scene saw that two vehicles had caught fire. Others who’d been there at the time of the accident Thursday morning looked back through their rear view mirror and called emergency services for help and reported the accident which they had escaped.

Smoke wafting from the Guinness Brewery

Smoke wafting from the Guinness Brewery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What callers reported was a crash with a vehicle and a UPS tandem tractor-trailer at about 2:15 a.m. Both vehicles had crashed head on.

California Highway Patrol arrived to the scene of the crash westbound on the 210 east of Roxford Street in Sylmar near the city of Los Angeles. The big-rig crashed through the center divider blocking two lanes on the eastbound freeway.

The CHP team closed down the westbound section of the highway and two eastbound lanes. Vehicles heading westbound were forced to detour at an earlier exit. Vehicles on the eastbound lanes were forced to merge onto the right hand lanes.

Various sources reported a female behind the wheel of a vehicle allegedly entered the freeway through an exit she was heading eastbound when traffic was intended to head west. The near desolate freeway at the time of her entry was enough to help convince her she was heading in the right direction. Seconds later in the horizon a wave of vehicles, including a tandem UPS tractor-trailer en route to a shipping facility sped in her direction.

In an attempt to avoid the collision, the UPS vehicle tried to swerve left, but it was too late. The two vehicles had crashed at high speeds.

English: Trailer parked on Fay St adjacent to ...

English: Trailer parked on Fay St adjacent to the UPS facility in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fire erupted as both vehicles crashed. The UPS trailer flipped on its side and crashed through the center concrete divider lying jackknifed on the road. The vehicle that was headed in the wrong direction smashed head-on to the trailer’s left side puncturing the fuel tank.

Firefighters adroitly extinguished the fire; it was put out in less than twenty minutes when the accident had been reported. Inside the vehicle they found an unresponsive woman. Upon further examining the woman, they declared her dead at the scene. She had died in the crash.

Packages addressed to various people were scattered throughout the roadway. Some were drenched in water while others were crushed. The driver of the truck was treated by the paramedics and transported to a local hospital for injuries. The driver’s only worry would be to recover should the driver decide to contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. The Accident Attorney’s Group has law offices set up through Southern California and have won compensation for many of their clients.

At about five in the morning, CHP opened one westbound lane and gradually opened the rest by about 7:30 a.m.

If you or anyone you know been involved in an accident you have the right to compensations. You need a car accident lawyer who knows California laws thoroughly to win your case.


80 MPH Los Angeles Winds Knock over 50 Electric Poles

Severe California weather threatens the safety of Californians yet again; this time, in the form of powerful high speed winds. The high speed winds made their way through Los Angeles and Antelope Valley desert areas toppling electrical poles and increasing the chances of fire. These conditions pose a danger to highway travelers where the risks are more likely to increase. Driving at night in these areas require extreme caution, and if possible should be avoided.

STC Glenda 30 mar 2006 0610Z

STC Glenda 30 mar 2006 0610Z (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least fifty utility poles were toppled over by the intense gusts on Wednesday. While injuries regarding toppled utility poles have not been reported, vehicles run the extreme risk of being hit by them. Some of these poles measure upwards of two stories high and can weigh anywhere from half a ton to two. Were one of these poles to fall on a moving vehicle, its contents would be smashed. They can also fall at night when drivers are less likely to see them. The wires pose a chance electrocution on contact. There is enough voltage in the wires to severely or even kill a human.

Vehicles traveling at highway speeds at night may not have enough time to react to these falling hazards increasing the probability of a crash and cause a chain-reaction-type of accident. The National Weather Service officially reported an 80 mph gust on Whitaker Peak Mountains near Interstate-5 on Wednesday.

This weather can cause large trailers to roll over and blow smaller vehicles onto adjacent lanes. If you get into an accident, you have the right to compensation. Consider hiring a Los Angeles car accident lawyer who can represent you and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Advisories and high wind warnings were issued throughout Southern California. They went into effect Thursday morning for Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys along with the Greater Los Angeles mountainous areas, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.
Fire risk increases with the immensity of the winds and the lack of humidity in the atmosphere. Santa Barbara County is mostly susceptible to these conditions. Its location makes it ideal for high winds and low humidity to combine and create a fire. Hence the posting of red flag warnings posted through the southern area of Santa Barbara County to remind people of the incendiary risks.

Repairing the fallen utility poles will not be an easy task for Southern California Edison. The last time something similar happened in a residential area it took them over a week to restore power, remove the fallen poles and replace some of them. People affected by this resorted to living in ascetic conditions while others complained. SCE said this time it should take them a matter of days to handle the situation and get it repaired and under control.

Times like these can increase the chances of someone being in an accident. You don’t know when something like this can happen to you or someone you know. If you are in any type of car accident consider calling the Accident Attorney’s Group to represent you. A car accident lawyer knows the adversity you face in times of need and can help you overcome it.

List of Zeppelins

List of Zeppelins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cold air arriving suddenly caused the USS Los ...

Cold air arriving suddenly caused the USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) to begin rising uncontrollably, about 13:30 hrs, 25 August 1927. (full description) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Car Crashes into Preteen Girl’s Room in Chinatown

A preteen girl was rudely awakened from her sleep in a Chinatown apartment Wednesday morning when a car crashed through her window and injured her.

English: Liverpool China Town Arch

English: Liverpool China Town Arch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The accident happened at about 6:30 a.m. on the 700 block of North Bunker Hill Avenue slightly north of West Cesar Chavez Avenue. A four door dark colored Toyota sedan crashed through the window of the modest Chinatown apartment.

The driver lost control of the sedan; it traveled across the five-foot-wide concrete sidewalk and was launched a few feet into the air after crashing against a one foot tall brick planer. Although the front windows of the apartment were protected with metal bars, the airborne vehicle traveled at least three more feet horizontally then crashed through the front window breaking through the protective metal bars and pieces of wall landing inside the apartment.

Awakened with a loud bang and the constant roaring of the engine, the preteen girl could not believe what had happened. Her room was now completely filled in dust and car parts and parts of the wall were scattered in her room and on her bed. Picture hangers and decorations fell on the floor. It wasn’t until she began to feel pain that she realized that what had happened was not a dream.
Paramedics responded to the accident and transported the girl to a local hospital, where she will be treated for minor injuries.

The girl’s bed that was next to the wall that was hit will have to be replaced. It was drenched in radiator coolant fluid. So will the wall and the window.

Authorities have identified the person who was driving the vehicle but have not released his name. He had lost control of the sedan for no apparent reason and crashed at an allegedly high speed. There were no signs of the man being intoxicated at the time of the crash. He did not suffer injuries.

Cleanup crews have made plans to remove the vehicle from the apartment. They are thinking of dislodging the vehicle by towing it. A high strength cable connected to the rear of a pulling apparatus on the tow truck will be attached to the vehicle which landed hood first into the wall. Then by turning on the apparatus and towing with the truck can the vehicle be dislodged.

A car can unexpectedly lose control and run into your Los Angeles apartment or home. In that case you need support, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help. You deserve the right to compensation and someone who understands what you are going through. Contact the Accident Attorney’s Group who has many years of experience in the field of law. You deserve a car accident lawyer who is familiar with your community and the ability to help win your case.